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10 week online wellbeing challenge starting soon

Empowering others to be their happiest and healthiest through small sustainable changes

Small consistent changes add up to big rewards over time as they are sustainable. But to do something consistently we have to enjoy what we are doing and what we enjoy doing is different for everyone. For this reason Spring Coaching takes a tailored approach, focusing on the individual and what they enjoy, or are good at rather than what I or my previous client likes.

What makes Spring Coaching different is that I have walked in my clients’ shoes. I have had my own struggles in improving my own health and wellbeing and I want to share that knowledge with you.

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"Josie you did a brilliant job!!!  Thank you so much for coming I think the girls really got a great deal out of it.  I have been inspired to add a mindful mandarin activity at the beginning of each workshop now"

Mandi Lynn, Creative Director of a La Mojo Studios,

CEO of Every Body is a Treasure, Charitable Trust 



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Wellington and worldwide

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