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Does life feel like a roller coaster?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Progress over perfection is a philosophy we try to live and breathe at Spring Coaching. On the surface, it can appear at odds with our mission to empowers others to be their happiest and healthiest through small sustainable steps, as “happiest and healthiest” could be perceived as perfection.

When it comes to something as individual and subjective as happiness and health, there is no such thing as perfection (some may argue there is no such thing as perfection full stop). Perfection implies an endpoint, no further progress to be made, nothing more to be achieved. Yet one of the most amazing things about us is that we are always looking to improve and to achieve. To be a better version for ourselves and for those around us. The fact that you are committed to your health and wellbeing by reading this blog, and perhaps have downloaded our “Small steps to happy and healthy ever after” is testament to this. It shows how amazing you are. What a high achiever you are. High-five!

So why strive for something that doesn’t exist? Isn’t that just setting yourself up for disappointment?

At Spring Coaching we like to think about being happy and healthy as being on a never-ending continuum. There is no endpoint to be achieved, no magic last 5 kilos to lose. All that matters, is where you are on the continuum and your overall sense of direction. Accepting that you are where you are today and like everything, it will change.

There will be days when you feel like you’re making a giant leap towards your goal, that’s brilliant and if you would like us to we’ll be with you to celebrate.

Then there will be those days when you don’t feel like you’re making any progress at all. Perhaps you even feel like you’re going backwards. This is normal and is part of the journey. We know what that feels likes. It’s hard to keep motivated. If you would like us to we’ll be there to help you stay motivated because we’ve experienced our fair share of ruts too, especially in the early days when were setting up Spring Coaching. Planning for and expecting this can help even out some of the frustration and stress.

In addition to it being a far kinder way to live, focusing on progress over perfection makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Have you ever had one chocolate biscuit, then a second and then looked at the rest of the packet and thought “I’ve blown it now, I might as well eat all of them?” and then felt guilty afterwards.

Or perhaps you’ve planned to start a new exercise programme Monday morning. Monday morning rolls around and your bed is so snuggly you decide to start next Monday instead while telling yourself how weak you are?

We’ve all done these.

But you know what, by focusing on progress and not perfection you reduce all-or-nothing thinking. It gives you greater freedom and choice.

You might decide to have a third biscuit and then put the packet away because three biscuits is better than eating them all. Perhaps next time you’ll only have two. Congratulations that’s progress.

Or perhaps you decide to have a lie in and instead you’ll take the stairs today rather than the elevator. Congratulations that’s progress.

Over time all of these little changes add up to big changes and before you know it, you’re bounding out of bed for your Monday morning workout. Trust us it can happen.

If life is feeling a bit like a roller-coaster at the moment, perhaps take a step back and think about what you’re aiming for. Are you aiming for perfection or progress?

We’ll share some more tips on increasing your chances of success all while being kinder to yourself, and perhaps by even doing less than what you’re currently doing. But in the meantime let us know what you’re aiming for – progress or perfection.

We’re always here if you want more support and advice, or to simply say hi. Send me an email, like us on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn or book in a time for a complimentary initial coaching consultation. Either way we'd love to hear from you.

Have a happy and healthy day.

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